• C M why K? What is CMYK and why are printers always insisting on it?

    What is CMYK?

    The CMYK is the colour space used in the world of print and is sometimes called a subtractive colour process. Cyan, magenta and yellow inks are combined to create thousands of other colours. Black ink is added into the process because, while in theory black can be created by combining cyan, magenta and yellow, in reality the end result of this combination has a tinge to it that doesn’t give the effect of a pure black.

    So what does all this mean in a practical sense to designers?

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  • Artwork - 6 point checklist

    Here's a handy checklist to help you ensure your artwork is ready for print before you send it to us.

    It is very important to consider all of these points when starting a design, as when amended at a later stage, you may be dissatisfied with the results. Plus it could have an impact on the print turnaround of your job.

    Failure to do so, could also result in charges to correct your artwork, so it’s worth getting your head around if you are unfamiliar with design for print.

    Preparing artwork for print

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  • What's up with VAT?

    Is there VAT on printing?

    The UK government's rules for VAT on printed matter are complicated - particularly in relation to VAT on leaflets and flyers!

    Whether you pay VAT on a printed item depends on many factors including its format, size, content and intended use. Most printing is classed by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) as standard rated (in other words, you must pay VAT at standard rate). This includes stationery items (letterheads, compliment slips, business cards etc), postcards, folders, invitations, posters, tickets and greetings cards. However, there are exceptions to VAT on printing... Continue reading

  • 5 simple promotion tips for your event

    5 simple event promotion tips that may not have thought of...

    Whether it's showing the World Cup in your venue, a live music show, an art exhibition or any other kind of event, there are a few key boxes to tick to ensure you are getting maximum use of all the promotional tools at your disposal. And you probably know most of those already, but here are some you may not have thought of. Here's Ganda's Top 5! Continue reading

  • What should you put on your business card?

    Does your business card stand out in a crowd?

    You may still wonder with the amount of web surfing and social networking we all do these days whether there is still a place for the good old business card as a marketing tool. Whilst LinkedIn is great for business to business introductions and networking, and whilst Twitter is good for finding potential clients, neither of these have the same impact as a well designed and printed business card; something tactile to serve as a reminder of you in an age where more and more communication becomes digital.

    Of all the business cards you've received probably only a few stand out in your mind or even stay in your wallet. First impressions really count so how will you make yours stand out and leave the right lasting impression. What should you include on your business card? Continue reading

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