Environment and Sustainability

At Ganda Media, green has been our ethos since day zero. As printers it’s our responsibility to make sure we ensure every process we undertake is as ecologically sound as possible.


We use 100% recycled stocks for our uncoated bond, pulp, kraft and offset stocks. For our coated stocks we offer part-recycled stocks as standard, as a cost effective environmentally friendly option. We can also offer 100% coated paper where requested.

Inks & Toners

Our eco-friendly printing inks contain renewable materials such as plant oils in place of mineral oils. These materials biodegrade more easily and have no effect on the quality of the print results. Our toner is completely oil-free, allowing for a finish that follows the stock. As a result, it attains an appropriate gloss even on different paper types, such as less gloss on plain paper and higher gloss on glossy paper. The eco toner enables both lower fusing temperature and high-gloss printing, so power consumption is reduced by approximately 40% compared with conventional toner, leading to a large reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.


We use a batch print process where possible, where different orders are arranged on sheets of paper in such a way as to ensure that as little paper as possible remains unused. Thanks to the latest technology and equipment, we use far fewer print sheets to set up the print process than with conventional printing machines. Our high quality standards in our production processes help us to avoid rejects and production surpluses. All waste is collected in large containers and then recycled.

Digital Print

Our digital print offerings allow us to print the amount of product to fit your requirement, rather that a conventional process that would print hundreds or thousands more than you need leading to unnecessary wastage.


We offer soft-proofing as standard for all our design work, reducing paper use, the carbon impact of delivery and allowing a faster delivery!


We regularly upgrade our equipment to take advantage of the efficiencies and power saving technology that is rapidly developed.

We have a “power off” policy for our workplaces – if it’s not needed, turn it off! That’s everything from water heaters to computers to presses.


We recycle as much as we can – paper, plastics, glass, metal, toner containers, the lot! If there’s no recycling option available, as a fallback we use Paper Round’s 100% zero-to-landfill service to ensure our carbon footprint is as low as possible