Our Story

We started small and disruptive. Tired of finding printers to be black box where you put a design and (lots of) money in and you got back differing results, Charlie and Damian (our founders) decided to do it right. Originally commandeering the back room of a Brighton nightclub, we’ve been in the heart of the city for 10+ years – we’re quite a bit bigger now, with a nicer shop, office and a Sodastream, but we’re still the same, agile, efficient company. We still focus on speed, quality, great prices and amazing customer service – pop in, say hi, see what we can do and pick up some print. We have hobnobs!

Why Choose Us


When you work with us, you’re part of the family! You’ll be able to speak to the same person every time, who knows you and knows your jobs. Got a question, just ask – we’re all friendly and want to make sure you get the result you’re after.


In short, if it’s not good, we won’t let it out the door. We’ll look out for any issues with your artwork, we test print everything, we quality check after finishing and we’ve worked with couriers for years to make sure your print gets to you in top condition.


There’s no point hanging around! We run a stream-lined workflow that allows us to get work done efficiently, rapidly and still maintain great prices and quality. We can even print whilst you wait a lot of the time!


We’re going to be honest – someone’s always going to be cheaper … but … we’ve come to the print industry from outsiders, so we’ve not inherited old estimating habits and our directors aren’t running around in jags! Our prices are fair, they allow us to bring you top quality work, not cut corners and heat the office in winter. As it happens, they’re some of the lowest in the UK too šŸ˜‰

What our clients say...