Full Stack Dev

As Full stack developers, we work with both the front and back end of a website or application. We’re equally at home dealing with the UX (user experience), using HTML, CSS and Javascript as we are using server side languages and frameworks.

As the line between what can be done on the front end vs back end becomes more and more similar, and as things that were previously only possible on the back end become possible on the front end, the progression to “full stack” made a lot of sense.  Most clients are looking for developers who know how to work on all the parts of a site, so they can use the best tools for the job regardless of whether it’s technically “front end” or “back end.”

Most full stack developers specialise in a particular back end programming language. At Ganda we’ve been doing this for years and are specialists in PHP along with SQL (in the form of MySQL, MariahDB or SQL Server). We tend to use the Laravel framework for development, which we’ve been working with for several years and are very knowledgeable in it. On the front end, aside from the design experience of our design team, we also have UX experts on had. We use both vanilla JS / ES and VueJS to provide the best experience for the modern web.

We also run our own cloud servers to enable us to best serve your web app, with continuous monitoring, issue tracking and 99.99% uptime as standard!