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Wristbands are an extremely versatile item,which can be used for advertising and promotion, festival or event crowd control or simply to boost brand awareness. With a variety of materials and print types to choose from, wristbands are a cost effective item especially when it come to events.

All promoters know that controlling people entering an event/club/festival is the key to your success - they also know that there's always going a sneaky few who don’t want their hard-earned cash to become yours! Every person that pays is percentage of your profit and you want to be able to quickly pinpoint everybody who hasn't - this is where wristbands come into their own. Alongside the security benefits (all our wristbands are individually numbered for single use), they also provide a unique advertising space, be it for your event, venue, company or sponsor. What better way to get engage with your target market than attaching your message to their wrist! You can use the printable area to print anything from your logo to event details to promotions.

Our brand-new budget bands are 25x250mm waterproof and tear-proof tyvek and are available in several standard colours including dayglo and metallic options with black printing as standard and colour printing as an additional option. (Wristbands are available in multiples of 8.)

We also offer multicolour, vinyl, printed and embroidered fabric and embossed / debossed silicon wristbands, completely customisable to fit your needs - including Pantone & RAL colour matching, size, shape and finish. Contact our sales team on info@gandamediasolutions.com for more information.