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Arguably one of the best media formats for when you want a lot of people to see your message, the advantage of both the obvious and the subliminal advertising posters offer is priceless. Posters can be eye catching, hard hitting, striking or simply informative depending on how you design them and where you put them. Either way they are a powerful marketing and branding tool.  

We print standard posters with full-bleed (borderless) for greater quality, on 115gsm gloss paper that is slightly heavier than the norm. This stock holds rich colours far better and, especially if your poster is displayed in a window, ensures your design is seen, not seen through.

Our matt posters have a multitude of options – all are printed onto recycled uncoated stock and we can print to 125gsm paper (slightly heavier again than our normal stock), 200gsm (a heavier stock suitable for art prints) and 325gsm (the same thickness of card stock we use as standard for business cards), depending on your requirements.

Our deluxe matt-finish option comes on 350gsm uncoated card stock which is often preferred to gloss due to its more sturdy, textured look. Matt-finish on uncoated card is ideal for art prints intended for framing and wall display. We also offer a variety of other options of finish including printing onto Day-Glo paper, recycled brown paper (similar to brown wrapping paper), red card and a variety of different-weighted deluxe matt paper stocks.