Variable Data Print

Variable Data Printed flyers

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is changing the way that businesses market themselves and communicate with their customers. Dynamic VDP solutions allow print to become a form of 1:1 marketing.

On digital print runs, each flyer, invite or leaflet can be printed with an individual name, image or other object, offering a degree of personalisation that motivates the customer to respond.

The individual responses resulting from this personalised print (e.g. a voucher or discount code) can be used to enhance the data stored on that customer so that all future marketing material is tailored to them and generates more ROI for your business.

Use Variable Data Print to

  • Offer personalised communication
  • Generate new leads
  • Communicate more effectively with your customers
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Monitor and analyse marketing results
  • Build valuable data about your customers

Ask us about how our Ganda’s Variable Data Printing solutions can improve your marketing strategy.