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  • Chirstmas Menu Printing

    audio_cocktail_1With the Autumn events of Halloween and Bonfire night having been and gone, all eyes are now firmly on the festive period and for those in the hospitality trade, the onslaught of office Christmas parties is likely to start as early as the end of November.

    Venue's have been advertising for Christmas bookings for the past few weeks and now as we near December it's time to concentrate on marketing your venue from the inside as much as it is on the outside. 

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  • 5 simple promotion tips for your event

    5 simple event promotion tips that may not have thought of...

    Whether it's showing the World Cup in your venue, a live music show, an art exhibition or any other kind of event, there are a few key boxes to tick to ensure you are getting maximum use of all the promotional tools at your disposal. And you probably know most of those already, but here are some you may not have thought of. Here's Ganda's Top 5! Continue reading

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