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  • Be Heard at Brighton Events this Spring

    As we work our way through showery April there is still the uplifting feeling that spring is here, new life is blown into the city bringing with it fresh faced visitors and a plethora of events to draw Brighton locals out of hibernation.

    Now is the time to make sure all your business marketing is looking it's best, ready to captivate the new audience.

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  • Should You Focus on Print or Digital Marketing?

    Should you focus your efforts on print or digital marketing? Print is often wrongly viewed as the 'traditional' form of marketing compared to the modern, new fangled world of digital. It's no secret that everybody and their grandmother uses Facebook these days and the dark art of digital advertising continues to elude businesses. Everyone's telling you that social media is the way forward and you simply must be blogging but there are so many marketing options, how are you supposed to know which is most effective way to advertise to your customers when you need really need to shout about something?

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