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  • Marketing Materials To Benefit Your Business

    We are all aware of the many ways in which to market your business. The rise of digital marketing often means the benefits of printed material are overlooked. Truth be told, the interaction you have with a potential customer when handing them your printed marketing material can be worth it’s weight in gold. We’ve picked out some of the most popular handheld marketing tools that help drive brand awareness and consumer engagement.

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  • Business Printing Packages

    Whether your business is new or established you will need a variety of print to help you develop customer or client relationships and solidify your branding.

    Despite the rise of digital marketing and having the ability to bump phones to connect on Linkedin at networking events, we all still love a business card. A handy size first impression with all of your details on it. And it's important to ensure you support all of your digital branding with offline branding on printed materials. Letter heads, compliment slips and beautifully printed brochures show your company values quality.

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  • Case Study: Uncoated Business Cards

    We loved printing these uncoated business cards for Billy Mather, uber talented illustrator from Brighton.

    "One of the most brilliant illustrators in Brighton, with a particular talent for hilarious drawings of dream-like comic worlds" - Source Magazine

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  • What should you put on your business card?

    Does your business card stand out in a crowd?

    You may still wonder with the amount of web surfing and social networking we all do these days whether there is still a place for the good old business card as a marketing tool. Whilst LinkedIn is great for business to business introductions and networking, and whilst Twitter is good for finding potential clients, neither of these have the same impact as a well designed and printed business card; something tactile to serve as a reminder of you in an age where more and more communication becomes digital.

    Of all the business cards you've received probably only a few stand out in your mind or even stay in your wallet. First impressions really count so how will you make yours stand out and leave the right lasting impression. What should you include on your business card? Continue reading

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