• 'For The Record'

    An Installation / Exhibition of 7 inch Record Cover Art
    Celebrating Music, Design & Independent DIY Culture

    When we heard about this project from Steve, one of our clients, we were really keen to get involved. We don't normally do this kind of thing but, being passionate about music and design, and loving the sound of what Steve was going to do, we really wanted to be a part of it and support this project. We supplied all of the marketing print which included 7" sleeve designs (see photo below), some large format posters, flyers and business cards.

    For The Record is an installation / exhibition of 7 inch record cover artwork, using empty shops, spare and unusual spaces in the UK, as venues.

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  • The Ganda Guide to... SSL encryption

    Welcome to the first 'Ganda Guide'! In the forthcoming months, we will write some handy, simple and easy to understand guides covering a variety of marketing and technology related topics

    The Ganda Guide to SSL encryption

    Recently Google announced that it would boost the rankings of websites that use SSL encryption over those that don't. Google has over 200 ranking factors so there's an awful lot to know if you want to learn Search Engine Optimisation, and there are frequent developments.

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  • We Have Moved!


    The time had come for Ganda Media to leave it's little nest at the back of The Haunt in Brills Lane. And thank goodness for that to be honest! We had needed a bigger office space for a while now as the team had grown and we are printing more and more all the time, but we'd been holding out for the perfect place.

    So we're excited to say that we have moved to:

    35 Providence Place, Brighton, BN1 4GE.


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  • Is Printing Really Green?

    Can printing really be green?

    Are there any green printers? How can a commercial printers really be 'green' when it uses paper and ink? Reducing the negative impact on our environment has never been more important so what do commercial printers do to improve their environmental policies and become more green? There are several types of printing we do at Ganda: digital printing and lithographic printing as well as large format, wristbands, etc.

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  • Should You Focus on Print or Digital Marketing?

    Should you focus your efforts on print or digital marketing? Print is often wrongly viewed as the 'traditional' form of marketing compared to the modern, new fangled world of digital. It's no secret that everybody and their grandmother uses Facebook these days and the dark art of digital advertising continues to elude businesses. Everyone's telling you that social media is the way forward and you simply must be blogging but there are so many marketing options, how are you supposed to know which is most effective way to advertise to your customers when you need really need to shout about something?

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