Marketing Materials To Benefit Your Business

We are all aware of the many ways in which to market your business. The rise of digital marketing often means the benefits of printed material are overlooked. Truth be told, the interaction you have with a potential customer when handing them your printed marketing material can be worth it’s weight in gold. We’ve picked out some of the most popular handheld marketing tools that help drive brand awareness and consumer engagement.


Nothing beats flyers as a simple and handy keep-in-your-pocket promotional tool. When you have an excellently-designed flyer, people sit up and take notice – often not only sharing your message but promoting your brand presence and style too.

Consider alternative flyers to capture the attention of the consumer. Bespoke cuts and textured finishes both help make your flyers stand out.


When it comes to physically passing your personal information onto a potential customer, real quality counts if you want that information to stay in their heads as well as their wallets. We’re proud of the quality our business cards project in all the different finishes we offer.

Our uncoated pulp business cards have a finish comparable to a beer mat - giving your card an eco and retro look and feel.


Booklets are one of the most versatile print products we provide.
Showcase your products, promote your business or create your own magazine using our variety of booklets and brochures. Printed either in full colour or black and white digitally. We usually print same day, then folded and stitched meaning you can go from artwork to collection within a day.


We all like to be rewarded throughout the day. Loyalty cards are a great way to give something back to your customers whilst engaging them and generating repeat business.

Standard loyalty cards are printed the same size as a business card. Alternative sizes can be printed. When choosing the size of your loyalty card, think about convenience and what will fit nicely in your customer's purse or wallet.

At Ganda, we can create marketing materials that reflect your brand identity and leave a lasting impression. Whether you are targeting potential customers or providing important information for shareholders, let us work with you to ensure your marketing materials are right for you.

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