Are you ready for the Freshers?

14310280_10154987258351754_5133424440864229969_oThe start of the university term is upon us and the latest on set of fresh faces have already started gracing the streets of Brighton and Hove, keen to start their path of higher education gaining valuable life experiences along the way, or more importantly, taking full advantage of the exceptional nightlife we have here in the city.

Freshers week is one of the most important times of the year for the bars, clubs and promoters around Brighton as they aim to win the hearts, minds and support of the newest Brighton residents as they embark on what in many cases is a three year journey through life.


The new students will be inundated with letters, post, flyers and offers from societies, groups, businesses and even the university, but you may still find it beneficial to add your business to the mix.  When it comes to flyer drops at the student residencies make sure your flyer design stands out from the crowd.  Bold, colourful design really does help get you noticed as seen in these examples on Creative Bloq, strong artwork printed on high quality paper or cut into creative shapes can add an extra edge to your flyers.     

Support your flyers with posters using the same eye catching design, if your posters are worthy of it you'll find students putting them up in their rooms and kitchens giving you instant and lasting visibility, this early access to the students is crucial for future brand recognition, especially when it comes to the open market that is Freshers Fair.

When considering your stall at Freshers Fair, make sure your branding is visible for all to see with large format posters and vinyl banners, hopefully by now the students will recognise your branding from the artwork they have seen all week, and once the students see your banner and know where to find you, it's time to give them something to remember you by. 


How do you know students will pick your brand? Prime them, programme their sub-conscience,  expose them to your brand at every opportunity.  There are so many ways to expose students to your brand, it's just about utilising the best tools to keep your brand in the forefront of everyone's mind.

Always on the look out for freebies, the students will need something to carry all their wares home from the fair.  With this in mind we recommend giving away branded tote bags, perfect for adding your smaller giveaway items in and a will give the students a piece of your branding that will be used time and time again throughout the year.  But what to put in the bags? 

Sometimes the simplest of items can be the best, much success has been had from giving away rolls of posters, again gaining exposure in the student accommodation as they head off to put your posters up on the walls of their halls of residence.

Membership cards and wristbands are also a great way to capture data and build brand loyalty, offer the students discounts and deals in exchange for their email address.  Arm them with a branded wristband or membership card that they can carry with them everywhere they go, a top tip here from our experience is key cards; print your brand logo on one side, your discounts/offers on the other and let the students attach them to their key ring, never leaving home without it. 

Our final recommendation, if you can afford it, is to host a loss leading event.  Spend money wisely on giveaways, entertainment or an artist that reflects your brand and is guaranteed attract students to your venue or event and have everyone talking about you.  Remember you'll need to get the word out there so make sure you promote the event properly via posters, fliers and personalised tickets.

Oh and of course don’t forget the sweets, nothing tells a university student you love them quite like a small bag of Haribo.


Sussex Freshers arrive: Saturday 10th September 2016
Sussex Freshers Fair: Tuesday 13th September 2016

Brighton Freshers arrive: Saturday 24th September 2016
Brighton Freshers Fair: Thursday 29th September 2016

Should you require any questions regarding our services or require help creating artwork please get in touch and one of our design team will guide you through the process.

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